Terms and Conditions

For new patients with private health insurance we are offering an exam, OPG, x-rays, scale and polish & a Take Home Whitening kit with no gap payment.  
For patients with no private health insurance we are offering an exam, scale and polish for $195 and you will receive the take home whitening kit for $50.

* Terms and Conditions  

  1. Your take home whitening kit will not be issued at the first appointment - Initially you must see both the dentist and hygienist for an examination and a scale & polish.
  2. Teeth whitening is not 100% guaranteed – while almost all natural teeth will whiten, results may vary.
  3. Fillings, implants, crowns and bridges will not change colour with the whitening process – where these are present in the mouth additional costs may be incurred in replacing existing restorations to match the new shade of the teeth.
  4. Whitening can not be undertaken where there is decay or gum disease present.  In some cases, treatment is required before you begin your whitening process and this will incur additional cost.  Where additional costs are incurred these will be discussed before treatment. 
  5. Consent forms must be signed prior to appointment.
  6. You must be 18+ years of age to receive this offer.
  7. Any issues arising from this offer will be resolved at the discretion of Southport Dental. 

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